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Provident takes your personal and bank information seriously. We are committed to your online security.

    Avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. Learn about the common schemes that target financial institution customers and how thieves try to steal personal information:
  • Phishing - fraudulent emails
  • Vishing - fraudulent calls or emails requesting a call back
  • Smishing - fraudulent texts to a cell phone

Provident Bank will NOT:

  • Threaten to close your account if you do not immediately provide personal information.
  • Send an email asking you to reply with personal information.
  • Require you to enter personal information directly into an email.

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The third party provider is not controlled or owned by Provident Bank. Provident Bank does not endorse their services; and, makes no representations and disclaims all liability and all warranties with regard to their services.

Please be aware that information security and privacy policies at the third party provider may differ from those of Provident Bank, therefore we recommend that you review their web site privacy and security policies.

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